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  • Unlike the residential market these tend to be negotiated on a case by case basis dependant on expected value.
  • They can take longer than residential valuations.
  • They are more expensive than residential valuations.
  • Care-lenders all have their own valuation panels and will only accept valuations in a certain format from specified valuers.


  • Do not engage a valuer without talking to E1 first – to avoid risk of having two valuation fees to pay.

Our own rough guide to valuation fees is as follows;

Value Possible fee inc Vat
> £200k £500 — £600
> £300k £600 — £ 850
> £400k £650 — £950
> £500k £750 — £1,200
> £600k £850 — £1,400
> £750K £1,000 — £1,750
> £1M £1,300 — £2,000

Care Development deals cost more given the additional work involved.

The above should be used as a guide only

Please note; most lenders now chose the valuers from their own panel and then advise E1 who is to be engaged – or provide 2 quotes for the applicant to choose from.

Good news; E1 always approaches two valuers on every application to get the best price for your client