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Frequently Asked Questions


E1 can help you!

The choice for applicants is huge and E1 can help youraise finance for your business opportunities. E1 always seeks the best deal - whether the borrower has accounts or not, clean credit etc. Much of what we do i for borrowers with totally clean credit histories, but we normally can place any sector, amount or circumstances.

Q1: Who are E1?

A1: We are commercial brokers and packagers;

  • The staff have many years experience raising commercial finance
  • E1 has an extensive lender panel.
  • We are a business dedicated to helping applicants raise commercial finance.

 We provide applicants with a full engagement letter confirming what work we are expected to undertake and our fees. The terms are based on either a meeting with, or telephone/email contact with, prospective lenders, and are what we reasonably expect to be able to obtain for the applicants based on the information provided.

Fees will be discussed on a case by case basis. Generally these consist of an application fee payable on full application (not at initial contact stage and not until we are confident we have an interested lender) and a success fee payable on drawdown (plus VAT).


Q2: Are you a lender?

A2: E1 is not the lender.

  • We sit in between the potential borrower/applicant and the bank, and with our experience and expertise search for the best deal for your your proposal.
  • We are honest and upfront and we will not waste your time.
  • We work for you. We understand what lenders want and try to ensure we match applicants and lenders.
  • We have an extensive lender panel and seek the best deal for each applicant  every time and try to offer the applicant a choice every time.
  • We always approach more than one lender- often 4/5 to find the best deal.


Q3: What type of Commercial finance can E1 arrange?

A3: All types and sectors including;

  • Freehold and leasehold purchase
  • Investment finance
  • Development finance
  • Bridging finance
  • Business finance
  • Factoring
  • Leasing
  • Trade Finance

The most popular sectors are:

  • Property purchase- investment or owner occupied
  • Bridging loans
  • Buying an existing business- from Post Offices to Pubs to Care homes
  • Setting up a new business- restaurants/cafes etc
  • Expanding an existing business

We generally would only be involved if the loan request is £100k or more to £20m.


Q4: What loan to value (LTV) can I get?

A4: 75% -100% (Subject to status and additional security)-much depends on the sector/experience/trading figures and security offered.


Q5: What interest rates can be achieved?

A5: Anything from 1.4% above base (subject to status).


Q6: What do I do if I want E1 to help me raise commercial finance?

A6: With your query you can do the following:
Phone us on 08450 559559
OR download DIP from our stationery cupboard and fax it to us
Fax us on 08450 559558
Email us at
Or post to E1 finance Direct Ltd, 170-172 Mile End Road, London E1 4LJ


Q7: How fast can E1 arrange a Loan?

A7: DIP’s (Decision In Principle) are normally arranged within 24 Hours.
Application to offer can be arranged within 7 working days (subject to status and all requirements met). Always discuss any time pressures with an underwriter.


Q8: Do I need any qualification to become an introducer?

A8: No. Commercial finance is not regulated by the FSA (Financial Service Authority) and there is no set qualification currently to become an introducer.

A Consumer Credit Licence is required. Please provide E1 with the CCL number.


Q9: How many lenders does E1 have on their panel?

A9: We have a core panel of over 40 lenders( with over 80 in total)
From Prime to Near-prime, from bridging to factoring our panel of lenders cover the entire commercial spectrum (Please see our lender webpage for a brief list of lenders).


Q10: Does E1 have their own enquiry form and application form?

A10: Yes.
Please visit our stationery cupboard for a PDF version of both forms, or contact us and we will send/email you copies.

Our dip and application form has been approved by many of our panel lenders.


Q11: What are the opening hours of E1?

A11: We are open at the following hours:
Monday–Friday 9.00 am – 6.00 pm and after hours number available until 8.00 pm
Saturday 10.00 am – 2.00 pm


Q12: What about buildings/contents and life insurance?

A12: You can arrange these or we can help you obtain qoutes.


Q13: Why should I trust you to help me with this important finance requirement? Will you let me down?


  • That's an understandable reaction.
  • We have the same concerns when new lenders come to the market. However, we have been commercial brokers for many years and know the market well.
  • We have ex bankers to assess every case and they will talk to applicants and assess their needs and potential funders.
  • We always return calls and keep you updated - see earlier questions.
  • We have designated case managers and underwriters for each applicant and they will be named on all correspondence in writing to ensure confidence and efficiency.
  • We have a completions team that chase solicitors/accountats/valuers etc to ensure the case is drawn as quickly as possible. Most brokers just do not have the level of support we offer to clients to keep cases moving.
  • We are open long hours, and Saturdays.
  • We are the first choice of The Mortgage Times Group with commercial finance solutions and have 1000's of introducers. We have a great reputation and provide great service to our introducers.
  • Please talk to an underwriter for details. You are welcome at any time to call in and meet the team/Underwriters.
  • We are here to help you raise commercial finance; please call us with any enquiry!