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We offer

E1 is a Commercial Finance company serving both brokers with business clients and businesses direct. We offer businesses and brokers access to a range of services including;
  • Commercial finance- for purchase of land and buildings
  • Commercial Finance- for refinance on land and buildings as well as trading facilities such as overdrafts
  • Finance for developments
  • Investment finance- both residential and commercial properties
  • Import finance
  • Leasing – for equipment/vehicles/computers etc
  • Invoice Finance
  • Strategic Planning support for businesses- setting goals and making improvements to the business
  • ‘Flying Doctor service’ helping businesses improve/deal with urgent cash needs and put in place actions to ensure business survival
  • Help with negotiating on VAT/National Insurance and other crown debt arrears
  • Detailed business plans
  • Detailed financial forecasts including profit and loss/cashflow and balance sheet and ‘what if’ analysis
  • Access to other professional services such as Legal/Accounting and Insolvency.


For Business owners/Investors - How do we help?

  • Experienced ex bank managers able to help you get the best finance deals
  • Assistance in negotiating terms- re pricing and security/ covenants review
  • Help in running the business and making more efficient
  • Additional support- as and when required- best advice
  • Save time and costs- ensure finance is appropriate and right price/amount
  • Help with financial planning- from one off forecasts to ongoing monitoring of budgets and profitability
  • Strategic support- where is the business going realistically; what is holding the business back? What can you change?
  • NO MINIMUM CONTRACT TIME/FEE- only do the work you want us to

We try to ensure we establish the problems first before suggesting a tailor made solution- we will not push a ‘ product’ onto you. We look for solutions.

We have offices in Central London but are happy to travel to meet interested businesses. All fees are agreed and confirmed in writing before any fees payable.

For Brokers

We are happy to take leads with applicants details and then take the case right through to completion. This ensures the client buys into our expertise and can ask us direct any questions they have; in addition it speeds up the process and increases drawdown volumes.

For most introducers we act as brokers- looking after the applicant right through the case and copying the introducer in on all key aspects as we progress. We will confirm the money to be paid on completion and this will form an agreed percentage of both any money received from the lender and any success fee charged to the applicant. We remain involved right through to completion- chasing valuers/solicitors etc until the case draws as quickly as it can.

For some approved introducers we offer Packaging support- finding the best lenders for the applicant and leaving the introducer to liaise with the applicant. Here we share an agreed proportion of the fee we receive from the lender.

Overall benefits for brokers in using E1;

  • Access to a range of exclusives
  • Access to 10 in house lender
  • 24/7 case tracking
  • Fast service
  • Assistance all the way through from initial Dip through to completion of the loan and paying the procuration fee to the introducer
  • Long opening hours
  • Out of hours contact number
  • Great reputation in finding the right terms for each applicant.
  • No maximum loan amount
  • Self certification and adverse credit may be available - from 70% of OMV to 60% of either 90 or 180 day values.
  • Experienced staff –many years experience in the commercial sector
  • Generic application form