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About E1 Finance Direct

E1 is based close to London's financial district.

E1 Ffinance Direct Ltd act as commercial Mortgage Brokers who source mortgage loans for individuals and commercial businesses, E1 Finance Direct Ltd are not Lenders.

Many of the Lenders on our panel visit us and review applications daily.

We have a unique Intelligent Dip system that enables our underwriters to approach potential lenders quickly and efficiently, and helps our underwriters place your finance application with the right lender at the right terms.

We have a team of highly experienced underwriters - all with many years Banking experience - ranging from UK banks (Including RBS, Natwest, Barclays and HSBC) and various major European Banks.

We aim to provide investors and business people with an advice led, personal service that seeks the best commercial finance terms we can for each applicant's own circumstances.

We will be involved right from the initial contact through to the completion of the loan, and will work with the applicant/their solicitors/accountants and so on to ensure a smooth, fast, and trouble free route to completion of the loan.

The majority of our income comes once the finance has been completed and so we have a commercial reason to help move the loan request through as efficiently as possible.