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E1 Finance is a Commercial Master Broker and Commercial Packager. We source the best commercial finance terms from a wide lender panel of over 80 commercial lenders.

Our unique intelligent DIP system assist introducers in approaching us with loan requests in any commercial sector.

  • We act as Commercial Master Brokers and Commercial Packagers.
  • We can provide detailed business plans and trading forecasts.
  • We can help introducers with marketing / design.
  • We can help clients considering major financial purchases, e.g. new office, factory, capital expenditure – and can assist on a consultancy basis, planning the financial inpact, funding issues etc.
  • We offer a free helpline to introducers.
  • We offer a free Banking Facilities Review – reviewing the whole of an applicants business debt/finance to establish if funds can be obtained cheaper elsewhere.
E1 Finance provides access to commercial finance for both intermediaries and clients direct. We offer fast access to a range of UK lenders seeking the best terms for each applicant based on their own circumstances.  In addition to raising finance for both purchase and refinance of buildings we also;

  • Raise finance to help acquire trading businesses/ refinance existing trading businesses.
  • Provide detailed business plans and trading forecasts- including sensitivity analysis – enabling lenders to assess risk and repayment, and helping business owners really see how their projections will look re profit and loss/cash requirements every month together with a balance sheet. An invaluable aid to business planning and raising finance/decisions such as moving premises/taking on new contracts and so on.
  • Instant cash on demand service provided by a third party online.
  • Access to Business and commercial buildings insurance by a third party.
  • Help and advice to business owners finding running their business difficult- who may be finding relations difficult with their funders.

E1 makes limited use of Cookies - it uses Google Analytics to identify what country the site has been visited from/what pages have been viewed/how many visitors to the site on a daily basis ect, E1 does not use or retain any other data from visitors to this site.  We have no mechinism for identifying individual visitors or using that information for any overt sales or marketing activity.  We collate no personal date nor will we collate/pass any data onto third parties.

If our position changes we will seek web users permission beforehand.